Why I chose Taiga over Jira as my Agile Project Management tool for Scrum and Kanban

To start off, this is not a post on Jira vs Taiga vs Asana vs XYZ.

This is just a sharing of why I ended up choosing Taiga based on my own requirements. As I am using this nicely built software for free, this is my way of at least paying back to the team behind it by sharing it.

I was looking for an open source self-hosted Agile Project Management tool. I eventually shortlisted Jira and Taiga. Jira for it is the market leader and Taiga for its simple UI.

I installed the self-hosted version of Jira Software. Unfortunately, it was quite resource-hungry. If you are a small startup team and would like to go for Jira, I would suggest you go for Jira Cloud at $10 per month for 10 users. It would be very slow if you self-host Jira on a $10 per month VPS.

So, the reasons I choose Taiga:

  • Lightweight. It can run on a t2.micro instance of AWS and still left resource for you to host a simple website.
  • Simple UI. Build especially for Scrum and Kanban.
  • Free. It is open source and free for self-hosting.
  • Mobile app. You can use Taiga mobile app to connect to a self-hosted server.

In my next post, I will share about how to set up a production-ready Taiga server using Docker. Stay tuned.

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